To ensure safe and effective operation of Wash 66, the following policies are in effect.


Follow all posted instructions and the directions of Wash 66 staff. 

Do not drive your vehicle through the car wash tunnel.  Drivers will be fully responsible for any damage and injury that may occur when violating this policy.  We reserve the right to perform any inspection or repair services at our accredited facility.


The soft touch express exterior car wash is designed to clean everyday road grime of the sort a car might reasonably accumulate during typical use.   We cannot service excessively soiled vehicles, ie, vehicles used for “mudding” or off-roading, trucks with debris in the truck bed, vehicles that have had harsh chemicals spilled over or inside them, etc.  Attempts to clean excessively soiled vehicles can damage our equipment and ruin the wash experience for the next customers. 

We may be unable to wash vehicles with certain accessories or body damage.  We are not responsible for damage to antennas, antenna moldings, sun visors, bug shields, windshield wipers, mirrors, luggage racks, extended tire valve stems, loose vehicle body parts, existing body damage or parts damage, any non-factory installed items, or any articles in pickup beds.  If your car has parts that are loose, rusted, rotted, cracked, or previously damaged, we recommend you have these parts repaired before using our wash.

The exterior soft touch wash is designed for standard size passenger vehicles.  Oversize vehicles may not fit through the tunnel.  We are unable to wash vehicles that exceed our equipment size limits.


Use of our Vehicle Interior Vacuums is included with purchase of a car wash.  Vacuums are for the cleaning of vehicle cabin interiors only.  Also, please do not detail your vehicle in the vacuum bay.  Furthermore, if there is a lineup for the vacuums, be considerate of others who are waiting a turn.  Vacuums are for the use of Wash 66 customers only.  If you hold a monthly pass you may vacuum your car once per day, whether you use the wash on that day or not.  If you do not hold a monthly pass then you must purchase a wash to use the vacuums.


Monthly package passes are subject to the following limits.  Monthly packages are valid for 4 weeks.  Packages renew automatically unless the membership is cancelled.  A package holder may wash their car up to a maximum of once per day.  Packages are issued on a “per vehicle” basis (not “per person” or “per household”).  This means that if you own two vehicles, you must purchase two packages (one per vehicle).  Or, you may purchase a package for your most commonly used vehicle and individual washes for your secondary vehicle if you prefer.  RFID tags must be placed on vehicle windshields by a Wash 66 attendant.


Prices do not include HST.

Customer Conduct

To ensure a pleasant wash experience for everyone, we prohibit loud music and boisterous or aggressive behaviour on Wash 66 property.  Also, please place all trash into garbage cans.  24 hour video surveillance is in use on our premises.

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