Wash 66 brings the forefront of car wash technology to the greater Saint John area.  Our Soft Touch express exterior tunnel wash will make your car shine in a matter of minutes, quickly and safely.

Washing your car in your driveway at home isn’t just a lot of work that takes a lot of time–it also uses a lot more water than you’d expect.  How much water does a driveway wash send down the drain?  About a hundred gallons.  All the chemicals, grime, and road salt run off your driveway and into the storm sewer, right into our water system.

We treat our water before returning it to nature, helping to protect our local waterways and the creatures that live there.  Our wash water reclamation system recycles almost 100% of the water we use, making the most of every drop.  When you add in technology that cleans your car’s exterior in under five minutes, safely and effectively, the smart choice is clear.

An unwashed car is vulnerable to the corrosive effects of road salt, grime and environmental moisture.  These factors are increased by the salt fog so common to a Maritime coastal region.  Road dirt accumulates on your windshield, lights, signals and body, degrading visibility.  Your car is one of your biggest investments.  Don’t let it wear out before its time!

A driveway wash can use up to 100 gallons of water, while our technology results in a net loss of only 10-12 gallons per vehicle.  That says nothing about the time and physical effort it takes to scrub your vehicle yourself, or the difficulty of applying rust inhibitor, wax, and tire cleaner in your own driveway.  Wash 66 is great value—value for your car, value for your time, value for the environment.

Save time, effort and the environment by bringing your car to Wash 66.  Armour Your Car and feel good about watching your vehicle shine.

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